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Poster Comparing Dirty Windows to Clean Windows, c. 1900

Education. Poster Comparing Window Cleaning
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3045-78_2413
Document Description
A poster that compares dirty windows to clean windows and suggests that dirty windows may have an effect on student eyesight, circa 1900.
For whom were these posters written?
Who do you think wrote them?
What specific characteristics of the school building were the posters targeting?
According to these posters, why was it important to maintain the building?
Historical Challenges
Research what changes have been made in American schools in the past two hundred years to make them healthier environments for students.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Math: What is the percentage of classrooms in your school that have windows? What percent do not have windows?
Science: How does the human body react to sunlight? How can sunlight benefit your health?
English Language Arts: Write a letter to a school board member suggesting changes that could be made in your school to make it a healthier environment for students.
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Historical Context
In the early 1900s, educators were aware of the importance of comfortable facilities in the school building.  Posters and informational pamphlets were published to remind teachers and school administrators of the importance of these facilities to students and how well they learned.
Essential Question
How does culture influence a society's education system?
Check for Understanding
Identify the main idea of the poster and explain its overall purpose.