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Soldiers' Monument, Belfast, NY, World War I, n.d.

Soldiers' Monument Belfast, New York
New York State Archives, NYSA_A0412-78_B02_F05_Belfast_Monument
Document Description
Photograph of World War I Soldiers' Monument in Belfast, New York, n.d.
In 1915, had the U.S. entered World War I yet?
What patriotic symbols were included on this monument?
Why is it important to honor all veterans?
Historical Challenges
Create an illustrated time line that highlights the contributions of these Belfast civil war veterans to the war effort.
Interdisciplinary Connections
English Language Arts: Write a speech to be read at the dedication ceremony for this memorial.
Science: Create a replica of this monument.
Math: Figure out the dimensions and square footage of this monument and create a blue print for it.

Historical Context
This Civil War Monument, located in the park at Belfast, was presented by William Muldoon and erected on August 20, 1915.  The monument includes a granite shaft on a base and is ornamented on top with an eagle with out-spread wings.   The four sides are engraved with the names of the battles (Wilderness, Five Forks, Cold Harbor and Gettysburg) in which many of the soldiers of Belfast took an active part.   There are bronze tablets on the four sides with raised letters with the names of all the soldiers from Belfast and the nearby vicinity, both those that survived the war and those that died.

After World War I, this monument would become known as the Soldiers’ Monument and would honor veterans of both wars.

Essential Question
How are soldiers recognized for the effort and sacrifice?
Check for Understanding
Describe the monument in the photograph and explain its purpose.