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The Welch Grape Juice Company's Contributions to the War Effort, June 30, 1920

The Welch Grape Juice Company's Contributions to the War Effort
New York State Archives, NYSA_A3166-78_B1_F05_Welch2
Document Description
Letter sent by the Welch Grape Juice Company of Westfield, New York to the state historian about their contributions during World War I, June 30, 1920.
What did Welch Grape Juice Company furnish for the war? How much?
To whom was this letter address?
Why would the company be writing to that office?
How does this act demonstrate patriotism on the part of the Grape Juice manufacturer?
Historical Challenges
Discover some statistics on what other companies have donated to the war effort during other periods of American conflict.
Interdisciplinary Connections
ELA/Media Arts Write a letter from New York State to the president of Welch’s thanking them for their contribution.
Math: Determine what the value of the Welch’s contribution is in today’s dollars.
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Historical Context
Shortly after World War I ended, a project began to investigate New York State’s role in the war.  For this project, numerous pictures, letters, documents, and other records were requested from New York's towns, residents, and businesses.
This letter is a reply from the Welch Grape Juice Company of Westfield, New York agreeing to send a record of supplies produced for the war effort to the state historian.
Essential Question
How does war impact domestic industry and production?
Check for Understanding
Summarize Welch Grape Juice Company's contribution to the war effort and discuss the impact the war had on the company.