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Documentary Heritage Program Grants

The Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) is a statewide program established by law to provide financial support and guidance to not-for-profit organizations that hold, collect and make available New York's historical records. Funding is available to support projects that relate to groups and topics traditionally under-represented in New York’s historical record. The New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) 2016-2017 appropriation for DHP includes $92,000 for DHP Grants. DHP Grant Project Types are Documentation and Arrangement & Description. DHP is administered by the New York State Archives, a unit of the New York State Education Department.

For further information about the DHP program, including an explanation of DHP’s Priorities, visit the Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) information page.

2017-2018 DHP Grant Application Guidelines and Forms

Prequalification requirement for all grant applicants

New York State has implemented a new statewide prequalification requirement for not-for-profits applying for grants. In order to be eligible to apply, all grant applicants (including DHP grant applicants) are required to prequalify using the New York State Grants Gateway. The prequalification registration process requests information about an organization’s capacity, legal compliance, and integrity. This process may take up to a few weeks to complete. Begin the prequalification registration process immediately if you are considering applying for a 2017-2018 DHP Grant.

2017-2018 DHP Grant Application deadline is Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

2017-2018 DHP Grant Guidelines and Resources

2017-2018 DHP Application Forms

  • Application Checklist (Word) (PDF)
  • Application Cover Sheet (Word) (PDF)
  • Payee Information Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Application Narrative Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Cost Sharing Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Project Budget Narratives and Worksheets
    • Code 15 - Salaries for Professional Staff (Word) (PDF)
    • Code 16 - Salaries for Support Staff (Word) (PDF)
    • Code 40 - Purchased Services (Word) (PDF)
    • Code 45 - Supplies, Materials, and Equipment costing less than $5,000 (Word) (PDF)
    • Code 46 - Travel Expenses (Word) (PDF)
    • Code 80 - Employee Benefits (Word) (PDF)
  • FS-10 Proposed Budget Form (Word) (PDF) (Excel)


Grantwriting Tip Sheets - are helpful for those who can’t make it to a Workshop, for first-time applicants, and as a refresher for more experienced grant writers. 

Documentary Heritage Program publications. Visit the Managing Records section of the Publications list to obtain a PDF or print copy of DHP publications.

Documentary Heritage Program Grants Officer - can provide advice on developing a grant project and submitting an application - Email:, Phone: (518) 474-6926.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Recipients

Forms needed by current grant recipients:
FS-10 (budget), FS-25 (interim report), FS-10A (budget amendment), or FS-10F (final fiscal report)

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