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Questions: 1825

Image. Erie Canal. Canal Celebration Broadside.

Document 4. Erie Canal Celebration, Broadside.

This broadside (poster) tells the citizens of Geneva, New York about plans for celebrating the opening of the Erie Canal. Towns all along the length of the new Canal designed special festivities to mark the occasion.

What did the broadside say?

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Grand Celebration!

At a Meeting of the Committee of Arrangements appointed by the citizens of Geneva to make suitable arrangements for the celebration of the COMPLETION of the ERIE CANAL, and the Meetings of the Waters of the Great Western Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, on WEDNESDAY the 26th instant, it was

Resolved, That. for the purpose of demonstrating the joy which the citizens of Geneva, in common with the citizens of the State, feel at the completion of the Erie Canal, it be recommended to them to partake of a Public DINNER, at the Franklin House, on Wednesday the 26th inst. At 4 o'clock p.m.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Citizens of Geneva to ILLUMINATE their houses on the evening of the 26th instant.

Resolved, That a Public BALL be also recommended on the evening of the day on which the first Boat departing from Buffalo, on the Erie Canal, shall arrive at New York, at such place as the Managers shall designate; and that Nicholas Ayrault Andrew P. Tillman, Wm. V. I. Mercer, L. B. Minzer, William W. Watson, John Smith, Jun. Hiram Walbridge, James Bogert, Charles A Williamson, Andrew Burns, David S. Hall, George Stafford, Godfrey J. Grosvenor, and John T. Wolson, be Managers of said Ball.

A NATIONAL SALUTE will be fired by a detachment from Capt. Lum's Artillery Company, at twelve o'clock at noon: the bells will ring during the firing of the Salute.

The Illumination to commence at the ringing of the bells, about half past 6 o'clock in the evening.

Those citizens who wish to partake of the Dinner, are requested to leave their names at the Bookstore of J. Bogert, at the Reading Rooms, or at the Franklin House, by 10 o'clock to-morrow morning.

Our Fellow-Citizens of the country generally, are invited to unite in the Celebration at this place.


Committee of Arrangements.
Geneva, Tuesday morning, October 25, 1825

  1. What are the citizens of Geneva celebrating?
  2. List three ways in which the citizens of Geneva will celebrate:
    1. With a Public ______.
    2. _________ their houses.
    3. By holding a Public ____.
  3. 3. According to the document above:
    1. What city did the first boat leave from?
    2. What did this boat travel on?
    3. What city did the boat arrive in?

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