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Questions: 1830s

Image. Erie Canal. Map of the town of Germanflatts.

Document 3. Map of Germanflatts.

This map was drawn by a citizen of the Town of Germanflatts.

Ice was causing a feeder canal to flood the main road in their community. The citizens wanted the State of New York to change the location of the feeder canal to help control the freezing and flooding. The map shows their plan.

feeder - a short canal that brings water from reservoirs, lakes, and streams to a larger canal. Without feeder canals, some sections of the Erie Canal would be dry.

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  1. Looking at the map, complete the following sentences.
    1. The Main Road and the Canal run _________ to each other.
    2. There are _____ bridges crossing the canal.
    3. There are _____ buildings in Germanflatts that are located next to the Canal.
    4. The present feeder runs between the buildings with the letters ____ and _____.
    5. The proposed feeder runs closest to the building with the letter _____.

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