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Questions: 1918

Image. Erie Canal. Vote No Broadside.

Document 2. Vote No, Broadside.

This broadside (poster) encourages the citizens of Binghamton to "Vote No" on the plans to enlarge the Erie Canal to create the Barge Canal system.

Passage of the "Barge Canal Law" would allow the state to borrow and spend $101 million to enlarge the existing Erie Canal.

Some people were afraid the money would not be spent wisely or honestly. The words at the bottom of the poster,"Vote AGAINST This Gigantic Steal," express this attitude.

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  1. What does this broadside encourage Broome County residents to do?
  2. According to this 1903 broadside, what is the amount of Broome County's current annual state tax?
  3. What does the broadside say this annual tax will increase to if residents vote "Yes"?
  4. What does the broadside say the tax will be for Broome County in eighteen years?
  5. When state taxes increase, are citizens generally happy or unhappy about this change? Why?
  6. Using a New York State map, find Broome County and then locate the path of the New York State Barge Canal.
  7. Compare Broome County's distance from the Canal with the City of Rome's distance from the Canal. Which is closer to the Canal: Broome County or the City of Rome?
  8. What are two reasons why people in Broome County might not want to vote "Yes" for the Barge Canal?

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