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Buffalo. Chinese. Excerpt, Buffalo Times, 1904.

Buffalo | Chinese

Exclusion laws had a tremendous impact on the early Chinese community in Buffalo because the city is so close to the Canadian border.

Buffalo. Latino. "Friends Helping Friends" Meeting, 1950s.

Buffalo | Latino

Spanish-speaking people have lived in Buffalo, New York since the late 1800s and has grown to a population of over 31,000.

Image. Photo of Chinese Dragon at New Year

Capital District | Chinese

The Capital District of New York has a thriving Chinese community with a history that dates back to the 1870s.

Image. Photo of the Camacho family, Amsterdam, 1953.

Capital District | Latino

Photo of First Communion class at St. Michael's Church, Amsterdam, 1956.

Image. Stamp from the Syracuse in China Program.

Syracuse | Chinese

The Chinese in Syracuse University has attracted students from mainland China and Taiwan since the early 1900s.

Image. Photo of art work on West Side Youth Center, Syracuse.

Syracuse | Latino

Syracuse has a growing Latino population, and Latino community leaders have recently made inroads in the city's political structure.

Image. Exclusion Record of George D. Sing, 1923.

Yonkers | Chinese

Chinese people have lived in Yonkers since the 1800s, but the flourishing Chinatown in nearby New York City may have hindered development of a large Chinese population in Yonkers.

Image. Puerto Rican Parade, Yonkers, 2000.

Yonkers | Latino

Yonkers has a lively mix of Hispanic ethnic groups, that make up the largest minority population in the city.