Sources Used

Published Sources

Published Books

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Electronic Sources

Trenches on the Web. “Posters”. Courtesy of Meehan Military Posters.  [], April 1997.

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Unpublished Sources

Archived Manuscripts

Aurora Historical Society (East Aurora, New York). “Red Cross Picture Books of WWI Soldiers”

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. “102nd Trench Mortar Battery: Autobiography and Troop History by Charles Pearson.” A65-9 Folder 1.

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New York State Archives. “New York ‘Boys’ in the War.” File A0412-19, Box 33

Private Collections

Ernst family papers. Cablegram: 8/15/18

Parish Register. St. Mathias Episcopal Church, East Aurora, New York. “Marriages”. Vol. 3


Interview with Helen Clay Natale, niece of Arthur Clay. May 22, 1997.


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