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Consultants and Vendors FAQ's

Does the State Archives endorse vendors or maintain a preferred vendors list?

No, the Archives does not endorse any vendor over another or maintain a list of preferred vendors. However, the Archives does maintain lists of vendors for informational purposes.

How are vendor lists compiled?

The New York State Archives assumes no responsibility for the professionalism of any vendors listed. Vendors on the lists have done records management work for local governments in New York State under a Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) grant or have requested to be added to this list themselves. The vendor lists do not endorse, recommend, or require use of any particular vendor.

How can I be added to a vendor list or have information about my company updated?

Vendors interested in being added to or updating information on a vendor list can contact the Archives at (518) 474-6926 or via email at

How does the Archives use vendor lists?

The New York State Archives compiles vendor lists to help government agencies, local governments, and other entities find companies and individuals providing the specific services. The lists provide information on organizations, how to contact them, as well as a brief summary of services offered, when that information is available. While State Archives staff make every effort to ensure accuracy and completeness, the Archives encourages local governments and others to contact vendors directly for verification of any information provided.

How should I go about hiring a consultant in records management?

There are a number of basic issues you should address whenever hiring a records management consultant, including how to choose a consultant, how write up a contract, and how to oversee a project. For detailed information on hiring consultants, see Records Management Consultants (Technical Information Series 44). The State Archives maintains lists of consultants who do various types of records management consulting. For a copy of these lists, contact the State Archives at (518) 474-6926, via e-mail at, or find them online at our website.

In what subject areas does the Archives have vendor lists?

The State Archives maintains vendor lists in several record management areas. These include micrographics, imaging, business process analysis (BPA), needs assessment, geographic information systems (GIS), records management software, indexing software, filing systems, eGovernment, and shelving. Additional lists are forthcoming.

Should vendors allow a government or agency to visit their facilities before submitting a grant quote?

The State Archives encourages open communication between governments and vendors. Governments and agencies should request and vendors should allow facility visits. While the Archives cannot force a vendor to allow a visit, these visits promote effective communication and further understanding of the contractual relationship. Such meetings allow each party to understand the condition of materials, the size and complexity of projects, and to discuss product expectations.

Why do local governments ask vendors for references?

Local governments often ask vendors for references to obtain additional input regarding their services to local governments with similar records management issues. Such questions usually focus on the quality of the vendor's services and products.