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9/11 Memory and History: What to save and how

Many people who lost family or friends on 9/11, or who are themselves survivors of the disaster, have treasured mementos of their loved ones’ lives, or of the event itself and its aftermath.  It may be hard to decide what things to keep for the future and how to take care of them so they last.

Do you have photos or letters, drawings or paintings, scrapbooks, sound or video recordings, computer files or digital images, articles of clothing, or other objects that you want to keep in your home?

Do you have things that you think might contribute to the history of 9/11; things that might help people in the future understand what happened and what it meant?

This resource provides help with the hard decisions of which things to keep for yourself, what to save for history, what to discard, and it shows how to take care of the things you keep so they are preserved as a family or community legacy for future generations.

In the following video, join Margie Miller as she learns about saving and caring for her 9/11 mementos.