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Managing Email Records

Email is a communication technology used to transmit information between individuals. The use of email in offices has changed both the way staff communicate and administer certain business functions. It also raises many records and information management questions for government officials:

  • How can I control the use of email for non-business purposes?
  • How can I ensure that official records and important information communicated via email is accessible?
  • What do I do with trivial and duplicate messages?
  • Are email messages private? Are they secure? Do I have to provide public access to my email?
  • Who is responsible for managing records communicated by email?

The State Archives can assist your agency or government in managing records communicated via email. Your Regional Advisory Officer (RAO) or other Archives staff can:

  • Advise on records management and legal requirements applicable to email as well as risks inherent in its organizational use.
  • Explain the benefits of developing an email policy.
  • Assist government agencies in developing email policies tailored to their specific needs.
  • Advise on implementing general procedures for managing email communication and on specific procedures for managing records communicated via email.
  • Arrange for customized training events or consultation with Archives staff specialists for more advanced topics.

Please contact your Regional Advisory Officer or send email to: to learn more about how the State Archives can provide assistance to you.


Developing a Policy for Managing Email, Archives Technical Information Series #85
Provides a starting point for state agencies and local governments to use for writing policies and procedures that will guide a program for managing email.

Related Workshop Offerings

The State Archives provides a wide variety of workshops over the course of two workshop seasons each year. Archives staff have developed workshops related to managing electronic records and managing email. You can search the current workshop schedule for information on when it will be offered by typing "email" in the search box. If you would like to request this workshop at another time or location, or if you are requesting advisement on this subject, please contact