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Procedures for Transferring Records to the New York State Archives

Memorandum of Transfer of Records form

  1. If the records have been scheduled for transfer to the State Archives pursuant to a Records Disposition Authorization and the minimum retention period has expired, contact the State Archives’ Accessioning & Special Project Unit (518) 474-5135 to make arrangements for their transfer.
  2. If the records have not been scheduled for final disposition by an approved Records Disposition Authorization contact the State Archives’ Records Services Development Unit to arrange to have the records appraised and scheduled for final disposition.
  3. Prior to the physical transfer of the records to the State Archives, agency staff must provide a brief description of the contents of each box (known as a container listing) that will be transferred to the State Archives. Ideally, this should be done as a Word Document. The completed container listing can then be sent to State Archives staff as an email attachment. The State Archives will also accept container listings in hard copy.
  4. Complete the Memorandum of Transfer of Records form. After completing the appropriate sections, print the form out and sign it. The form can be mailed separately to the Accessioning & Special Projects Unit or it may be included in the first box of the records to be transferred. Once the records have processed and catalogued, a signed copy of the Transfer of Memorandum of Records will be mailed to agency’s Records Management Officer for their files.