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Consumer Protection

1.[140] Master summary record (log or register) of consumer practice inspections, complaints, violations or other agency activity: PERMANENT
2.[141] Consumer practice retail establishment inspection report: 6 years
3.[142] Consumer practice complaint file, including complaint, notice of violation, investigation report, record of assessment and collection of fine, or notice of dismissal and related correspondence: 6 years after last entry

Weights and Measures

1.[144] Certification of approval ("proof of accuracy") for sealer's weighing and measuring equipment, issued by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets: 6 years after expiration
2.[145] Sealer's inspection report of weighing or measuring device or of packaged item sold by weight, when no violation is discovered: 2 years
3.[146] Report on food labelling or advertising, and related correspondence: 2 years
4.[147] Log or index of inspections performed and/or other activities of sealer of weights and measures: 6 years after last entry
5.[148] Program evaluation or audit of sealer of weights and measures, conducted by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets: 6 years
6.[149] Violation files, including inspection report, notice of violation, notice of correction of inaccuracy, fine collection record and correspondence: 6 years
*7.[732] Calibrations for bulk milk holding tanks and other volumetric measures: 2 years after recalibration completed or volumetric measure no longer in use
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