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1.[150] Investigation case files  
  a. Violent or suspicious death (including death report and related records): PERMANENT

b. Natural death:

NOTE: Records of coroners' inquests, filed before Sept. 1, 1965 with county clerks, are in fact records of the County Court and are not covered by item nos. 150 and 151. For information on retention of these records, contact the Office of Court Administration. Other death investigation records of coroners, records of coroners' inquests created after Sept. 1, 1965 and all records created by medical examiners are covered by this Schedule.

20 years
2.[151] Death report and related records, when no investigation is conducted by coroner or medical examiner: 6 years after last entry
3.[152] Motor vehicle death record (MV-105 or similar form) submitted to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles: 6 years
4.[153] Disaster reports and related records: PERMANENT
5.[154] Protocol for investigation of death, including autopsy, explaining official procedures to be followed by office of coroner or medical examiner: PERMANENT
6.[155] Transcript, notes and worksheet of autopsy observations: 6 years after case closed

Laboratory slide, specimen or tissue block,taken from deceased:

NOTE: County officials may wish to retain records for a longer period when the slides, specimens or tissue blocks concern cases of violent or suspicious deaths, especially if these records may be viable for future testing.

20 years
8.[157] Master summary record (register, blotter or log) covering all case investigations and other office activities: PERMANENT
9.[158] Property records relating to decedent,generated by office of coroner or medical examiner, including but not limited to register of property, inventory of possessions, remittance statement sent to county legislative body or fiscal officer and receipts: 6 years after last entry


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