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NOTE: Proof of liability insurance coverage must be retained longer for solid waste management facilities. See item no. 266 in the Environmental Health section.


Insurance (including self-insurance) case records, except workers' compensation case record, including but not limited to notice of claim, copies of filed court documents, accident reports, medical reports, motor vehicle reports, appraisal report, copy of check, correspondence, and other supporting documentation:

NOTE: The local government may wish to retain the release longer for convenience of reference. Proof of liability insurance coverage must be retained longer to cover claims relating to exposure to asbestos and other toxic substances. Consult your counsel or attorney to ensure that insurance policies and other appropriate documentation are retained as long as needed.

6 years after claim closed, but not until any minor reaches age 21, whichever is later
*2.[326] Workers' compensation case records (including Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law) case records  
  a. If claim allowed: 18 years after injury or illness, but not less than 8 years after last payment

b. If claim disallowed after trial, or case otherwise disposed of without an award after the parties have been given due notice:

NOTE: The employee injury record must be retained for 18 years after date of accident or injury, as required by Section 110, Workers' Compensation Law, even for disallowed claims. See item no. 868 in the Personnel/Civil Service section.

7 years after injury or illness
*3.[327] Master summary record (log or register), of all (including workers' compensation) claims: 0 after all claims and/or cases listed in master summary record have been disposed of
*4.[328] Insurance policy covering fire, theft, property damage, personal injury liability, general liability, insurance of life or property, when no outstanding claims are involved: 6 years after expiration, or until the report on examination is filed, whichever is later
5.[330] Workers' compensation and employer's liability insurance policy, when no outstanding claims are involved: 18 years after expiration
6.[331] Title insurance policy, when no outstanding claims are involved: 20 years after expiration

Certificate of insurance certifying as to name of insured, type of insurance, limits of liability, date of expiration and policy number, when no outstanding claim is involved, except a certificate of insurance certifying as to a security bond or undertaking:

NOTE: For the exceptions mentioned above, see item no. 407 in the Personnel/Civil Service section, item no. 56 in the Building and Property Regulation section, item no. 299 in the Fiscal section, item no. 266 in the Environmental Health section and item no. 515 in the Public Property and Equipment section.

6 years after expiration
8.[332] Insurance appraisal and/or survey: 0 after superseded or obsolete


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