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NOTE: This section only applies to Westchester County. In other counties the soil and water conservation district is an autonomous unit of local government and must adopt Schedule MI-1 instead.

NOTE: This does not cover records of the U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service office which is located in each county. Their records are federal records, and their retention is not governed by the State Archives.


Memorandum of understanding between soil and water conservation district and state, federal or other agency, indicating services to be performed and work to be carried out:

2.[636] Release or agreement granted soil and water conservation district by landowner for drainage or irrigation purposes: PERMANENT

Cooperator's case file:

NOTE: Municipal cooperators' case files involving discretionary planning review are covered by item no. 430 in the Building and Property Regulation section.

4.[638] Request for assistance or information, and response provided by soil and water conservation district, when no agreement is entered into by the two parties: 3 years
5.[639] Cooperator's individual account record documenting payment for services: 6 years after last entry
6.[640] Master summary record of all contacts made by soil and water conservation district: PERMANENT
7.[641] Individual contact record (log or contact sheet) recording all contacts made by soil and water conservation district: 2 years
8.[642] Geographic reference file containing summary information on technical assistance and consultation provided in municipality or geographic area, and basic data on major soil and water conservation projects: PERMANENT
9.[643] Soil group worksheet, containing detailed breakdown of soil types and land uses for parcel of agricultural property, used in calculating agricultural assessment: 1 year after superseded by updated worksheet
10.[644] Soil maps, showing detailed breakdown of soil types and groups, including aerial photographs used in producing maps: PERMANENT
*11.[991] Copy of environmental impact statement (E.I.S.), furnished soil and water conservation district for information and comments  

a. When no comments are forwarded to lead agency:

0 after no longer needed
  b. When comments are forwarded to lead agency: 1 year
  c. Comments on E.I.S. furnished lead agency by district: 6 years
*12.[992] Records documenting the establishment, change, or dissolution of a county agricultural district, regardless of approval or denial: PERMANENT
*13.[993] Soil test results for farmland soil sample, including nutrient analysis and recommendations: 3 years
*14.[994] Watershed farmer's case file, including but not limited to farm management assessment, environmental assessment, plan evaluation, whole farm plan and supporting data: PERMANENT


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