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*1.[36] Records disposition documentation
  a.       Consent of the Commissioner of Education to the use of records retention and disposition schedules and the legal disposition of records:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded

b.       Documentation of final disposition of records, describing records disposed of and manner and date of disposition:
RETENTION:        6 years after final disposition of records

NOTE:  Local governments may wish to retain records covered by part "b" longer than the minimum retention period, to provide evidence that records have been legally disposed of, in response to requests for public access to records.  In addition, documentation of the final disposition of archival records is covered by item no. 38, below.  


Inventory of records:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded

3.[38] Records transfer list

a.       For archival records:


b.       For inactive records:
RETENTION:        0 after disposition of records on list


Retrieval request for records in storage:
RETENTION:        0 after return of records, or 3 years after retrieval when records not returned

NOTE:  Local governments may wish to retain documentation of records that were not returned to storage longer than the indicated retention period to indicate the status and location of those non-returned records.

5.[40] Archival administration records

a.       Appraisal and accessioning documentation, including assessment of conservation needs:


b.       Processing and management working papers, drafts, notes, and related records:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed


Guide, listing, index, or other finding aid to archival records:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded

NOTE:  Local governments should retain any superseded guides, lists, indices or other finding aids containing record numbering and identification information, or any other significant information not carried forward to newer versions.

*7.[42] Records on use of archival materials

a.       Log or register of researchers, and patron's registration for use of archival records:
RETENTION:        6 years


b.       Researcher interviews, reference statistics, requests for records, or similar reference service records:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed

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