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*1.[69] Voter registration records, including school district's copy of voters and pollbook:
RETENTION:        5 years


NOTE:  Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition, especially when not duplicated at a county board of elections.  Records with historical value should be retained permanently.  Even though certain voter registration records are retained permanently by county boards of elections, school districts may wish to retain these records longer, if not permanently, for convenience of reference and for research purposes, if they contain information not found at county boards.  See also item no. 79, below.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice in this area.

*2.[70] Vote recording and tabulating records
  a.       Sample ballot:
  b.       Voted ballot:
RETENTION:        1 year after election
  c.       Application for absentee ballot:
RETENTION:        30 days after election

d.       Final election results, including election inspectors' return and statement of canvass (where information is not duplicated in report of final election results) and election result reports:

  e.       Intermediate records used to compile final election results, including tally sheets, voting machine tabulation, detailed breakdown of results by wards or election districts and election inspectors' returns and statements of canvass (where information is duplicated in report of final election results):
RETENTION:        1 year after election

Election readiness records, including certification of testing of voting machines, record of ballot delivery, or similar records:
RETENTION:        1 year after election

4.[72] Election officials' appointment records, including notice of appointment, oath of office, and record of service:
RETENTION:        1 year after election
5.[73] Notification and publication of notice of forthcoming election

a.       Official copy of election notice:


b.       Proof of publication or posting, certification and listing of notice posting, copy of newspaper notice and certification of offices to be voted for at forthcoming election:
RETENTION:        1 year after election


Referendum records, covering any question, recall or special election, including but not limited to actual petitions, records of signature verification and correspondence

NOTE:  Certain records documenting the establishment, extension, alteration, consolidation, or dissolution of a school district must be retained permanently; see item no. 168 in the Administration section.

  a.       Summary records documenting request or need for referendum, such as records of public hearing, narrative justification accompanying petition, reports and correspondence dealing with pros and cons of issue at question: 
  b.       Other referendum records, including actual petitions, records of signature verification and routine correspondence:
RETENTION:        1 year after election
*7.[75] Election officials' training and qualifications records:
RETENTION:        3 years
*8.[76] Candidate designation or nomination records, including petitions, certificate, declination of nomination, objection to nomination, and related records:
RETENTION:        1 year after election
9.[77] Certificate of acceptance of office:
RETENTION:        1 year after person leaves office

Election challenge or investigation records:
RETENTION:        6 years after last entry

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. Records which document significant investigations and challenges to election results may possess historical value and should be retained permanently.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice.

11.[79] Informational records received from county board of elections, including lists of election officials, enrollment or registration lists, district maps and instructional materials:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded or obsolete

Records of election financing and/or campaign receipts, contributions and campaign expenses, including attached copies of political advertisements and literature, including but not limited to report of campaign receipts and expenditures, waiver of report, party committee's designation of treasurer and depository and statement of authorization or non-authorization by candidate:
RETENTION:        5 years


NOTE:  Campaign financing is a major public policy issue.  Therefore, the State Archives preserves state-level campaign finance records and the New York City Board of Elections preserves City campaign finance records.  Preservation of these archival records will maintain vital evidence for future research about campaign financing.  County boards of elections have the option to preserve these financing statements longer than 5 years if they find the need to do so.  Likewise, local governments may wish to preserve all or some campaign finance records beyond the five year minimum in those instances where the elections involved are hotly contested and serious local issues are involved.  Contact the State Archives for more advice if necessary.

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