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*1.[449] Natural resource inventory and listing of open areas and wetlands, including official copy of final inventory or report, final maps, surveys, photographs and background materials and supporting documentation:
*2.[450] Environmental protection and natural resources management plan
  a.       Final plan and report:

b.       Background materials and supporting documentation:
RETENTION:        6 years

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Records with historical value should be retained permanently. Supporting documentation may be very valuable, and the State Archives suggests local governments consider retaining these records permanently. Contact the State Archives for additional advice in this area.

*3.[451] Lake, river, stream or watershed study files
  a.       Final and interim reports and studies, maps, photographs, significant correspondence and essential data collected as part of study:
  b.       Notes, drafts, routine correspondence and non-essential data:
RETENTION: 0 after no longer needed
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