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*1.[135] Food management and child nutrition records


  a.       Program participation agreement, including attachments and amendments:
RETENTION:        6 years after termination of agreement

b.       Other program records, including but not limited to application to participate as a sponsor, individual child participation application, records including meal counts, requisition and approval of requisition for donated commodities, and fiscal records such as adding machine tapes, purchase orders, claims and vouchers:
RETENTION:        3 years after end of school fiscal year


NOTE:  Fiscal records relating to food management and child nutrition do not need to be retained for 6 years as similar fiscal records found in the Fiscal section of this Schedule must be retained.


c.       Free and reduced meal policy statement, with attachments and certificate of acceptance:
RETENTION:        3 years after policy superseded

*2.[136] Food inspection and investigation records  
  a.       Inspection report for preparation or serving area:
RETENTION:        3 years
  b.       Food sanitation complaint investigation or food embargo records, for investigations other than food- or water-borne disease investigations:
RETENTION:        6 years after last entry

c.       Food sanitation complaint investigation or food embargo records, when a food- or water-borne disease investigation is conducted: 
RETENTION:        21 years

NOTE:  Appraise these records for long-term uses, warranting longer, if not permanent, retention prior to disposition.  Records covered by item no. 136c may be useful in the future in documenting cases of serious food poisoning, such as where death or serious illness occurs from E. coli contamination.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice.

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