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*1.[325] Student folder for student enrolled in gifted and talented program, including but not limited to application or offer for participation, testing or eligibility determination records, progress reports, product assessment, samples of student's work, notes and correspondence:
RETENTION:        6 years after student participation in program terminates


NOTE:  Schools may prefer to maintain these records as part of a student cumulative education record file.  See item no. 275 in the Student Records section of this Schedule.

2.[326] Lists of students applying for participating and/or enrolled in gifted and talented program(s)
  a.       Annual list of students enrolled in gifted and talented program(s):
RETENTION:        20 years

b.       List of students who applied for and/or were denied placement:
RETENTION:        3 years


c.       Other lists of students, created for internal administrative purposes:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed


Application and/or offer for participation in gifted and talented program, including eligibility identification and testing records, when student is not enrolled or does not participate in program:
RETENTION:        3 years


Documentation of the process for selection and placement for students in gifted and talented program, including explanation and justification of acceptance criteria, and district program plan:

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