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*1.[143] Curriculum records



NOTE:  This also includes high school equivalency, alternative learning and adult education courses offered by a school district or BOCES.


a.       Course curriculum and related records describing course of instruction and course content:


b.       Approved curriculum variance application:
RETENTION:        10 years after variance approved


c.       Approved application for occupational education (work-study) curriculum:
RETENTION:        4 years after curriculum discontinued


d.       Approved application for curriculum other than occupational education (work-study):
RETENTION:        1 year after curriculum discontinued


e.       Denied application for curriculum approval or variance:
RETENTION:        1 year after end of school year


f.        Individualized home instruction plan (IHIP), worksheets and related records:
RETENTION:        6 years after student graduates or would normally have graduated from high school

  g. Curriculum planning records: 
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed

NOTE:  Reports and studies prepared as part of curriculum planning may have long-term value meriting continued preservation.  Local officials should evaluate these records for continued, or permanent, preservation. Contact the State Archives for additional advice.


Teacher's lesson plan:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed by school district or BOCES


Instructor's grade records, test scores, and marking sheets, including records documenting the evaluation of scientific models, biological specimens, chemical compounds or other objects or materials produced in lab or shop settings:
RETENTION:        2 years

*4.[146] Examination and test answer papers, including Regents examinations: 
RETENTION:        1 year after end of school year
5.[147] Records of hypodermic syringes and needles acquired for educational use or for administration of vaccines and other controlled substances to students and/or employees

a.       Certificate of need for educational use:
RETENTION:        6 years after certificate expires


b.       Other records, including records of purchase, inventory, destruction, loss or theft:
RETENTION:        6 years

*6.[149] Training records for law-enforcement officers, E-911, dispatch or fire-fighting personnel


NOTE:  This item covers official records of public safety training conducted by county vocational education and extension boards or other ED-1 users.


a.       Individual's record of courses attended and/or completed, including basic information on course content:
RETENTION:        6 years after individual leaves service

NOTE:  Local officials may wish to keep these records longer, possibly for the career of the individual, if the records are consulted throughout that period.

  b.       Official copy of training manual or bulletin:
RETENTION:        50 years  
  c.       Course instruction records, including attendance lists and lesson plan: 
RETENTION:        1 year

Application for and approval to offer high school equivalency preparation program, physical education program, occupational education program, instructional programs for incarcerated students, adult education, alternative learning program, foreign exchange visitor program, or similar  programs, including application by school district or BOCES, letter of determination, information on participating staff, State Education Department (SED) program review records, service plans, reports submitted to SED and correspondence:
RETENTION:        6 years


Regents examination and competency test report:
RETENTION:        5 years


Summary records of standardized aptitude and achievement tests, including but not limited to test result summaries, copies of tests, eligibility determination records, and records describing testing programs:
RETENTION:        1 year after end of school year

NOTE:  For schools or districts placed "under corrective action" or "under registration review" by SED, these records may need to be retained until these designations are canceled by SED and no longer apply.


Emergency medical training records, covering local governments which are course sponsors, including but not limited to information on individuals, course files, and information on instructors, as required by Section 800.20, 10NYCRR

NOTE:  This item covers records of emergency medical training for which school districts, BOCES or other ED-1 users are course sponsors.  See item no. 35 in the School Safety section for records of training received by school personnel or students.

  a.       Information on individuals and course files:
RETENTION:        5 years
  b.       Information on instructors: 
RETENTION:        5 years after working association of each instructor ceases
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