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*1.[472] Exhibit file documenting planning, construction, and use of exhibit, including but not limited to installation photographs and slides, sketches, worksheets, publicity, brochures, exhibit catalogs, inventory lists, loan agreements and visitor surveys
  a.       Brochures, exhibit catalogs, installation photographs and slides, and inventory lists:

b.       All other records:
RETENTION:        6 years after exhibit closed

NOTE:  Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Some of these records may have continuing value for historical or other research and should be retained permanently.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice.

*2.[473] Collections records documenting acquisition, accession, deaccession, loan, conservation, and use of materials, including but not limited to accession register, loan agreement, inventory of collection and conservation treatment record
  a.       Routine records, including but not limited to notes and internal memoranda:
RETENTION:        1 year
  b.       All other collections records: 
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