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Disaster preparedness or crisis relocation records

  a. Official copy of plans, including supporting maps, when prepared by local government under provisions of Section 23, Executive Law: PERMANENT
  b. Copies of plans held by local government, including supporting maps, when official copies prepared under Section 23, Executive Law, are maintained by county or other local government which created them, along with other disaster preparedness plans, not prepared under Section 23, Executive Law, intended for specific buildings or for use by specific local government units: 3 years after superseded
  c. Background materials and supporting documentation used in preparation of plans: 3 years
*2.[136] Disaster response and damage files compiling information on the response of all agencies to a major disaster, including such records as photographs, press clippings, property damage reports, records of emergency response, summary reports of personal injuries, records relating to demolition and new construction, and correspondence: PERMANENT
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