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Program approvals for center and/or program operation, including approvals from State University of New York (SUNY) and New York State Education Department (SED):

*2.[619] Establishment records for educational opportunity center or former urban center: PERMANENT
*3.[620] Annual or other summary statistical report relating to enrollment, graduations, terminations, student finances, ethnicity and grades: PERMANENT
*4.[621] Director's office files including but not limited to correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, publicity items, contracts and other legal documents  
  a. Where file documents a significant subject, or major policy-making or program-development process: PERMANENT
  b. Where file documents routine activity: 6 years
*5.[622] Course informational program file  
  a. Official copy of any literature or other material made available to the public: PERMANENT
  b. File on each instructional course or program: 1 year after course or program discontinued
*6.[623] Curriculum development records including but not limited to course worksheets, evaluations, and recommendations: 7 years
*7.[624] Official copy of course listing: PERMANENT
*8.[625] Course outline: 6 years
*9.[626] Class record including class number and title, location, date and time class meets, student attendance: PERMANENT
*10.[627] Admissions data including but not limited to acceptance letter, application, income eligibility records, placement testing records, letters of recommendation, and transcripts from schools  
  a. For applicants who enter (when not included in student folder): 6 years after graduation or date of last attendance
  b. For applicants who do not enter whether accepted or not: 2 years following date of admission or exclusion
*11.[628] Student folder  

a. Basic documentation, including but not limited to course or program application or registration, income eligibility records, graduation report, reports of grades (including change of grade records), summary attendance information, termination records, name change records, social security number change records, application for veterans' benefits, student counseling records and student summary disciplinary records:

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. Records with historical value should be retained permanently. Educational opportunity center student records covered by part "a" may be valuable in documenting EOC services to economically and educationally disadvantaged persons in the center's service area. Contact the State Archives for additional advice.

6 years after graduation or date of last attendance
  b. Supplemental documentation, including but not limited to test papers and answer sheets, copy of high school equivalency diploma, copies of and requests for transcripts and routine correspondence: 1 year
*12.[629] Student's attendance record (register),including but not limited to each student's name, address, and daily attendance, absence and tardiness: 6 years
*13.[630] Student request for counseling or assistance relating to emotional, psychological, personal, social, academic, or vocational concerns: 6 years
*14.[631] Termination record containing academic, attendance-related or disciplinary termination information not contained in student folder: 0 after no longer needed
*15.[632] Student grievance records including but not limited to grievance, investigative records, hearing proceedings, decision rendered, student appeal, records of arbitration procedure, final decision and correspondence: 6 years after grievance resolved
*16.[633] Student disciplinary records (other than those contained in student folder) including but not limited to suspension or disciplinary notice, hearing record, and correspondence: 6 years
*17.[634] List of students enrolled in specific course or program: 0 after superseded
*18.[635] Class schedule including class title, location, dates, and time of meeting: 6 years
*19.[636] College preparation or other examination records (examination results being posted to student folder), including examination questions, test papers and answer sheets: 1 year
*20.[637] Statistical compilation or reports of students provided counseling services: 0 after no longer needed
*21.[638] Request for academic, attendance or other information on disabled student from Vocational and Educational Services for Individual With Disabilities (VESID) of State Education Department, or other agency: 6 years
*22.[639] Periodic (other than annual) fiscal reports submitted to the State University of New York (SUNY): 6 years
*23.[640] Radiation use log including user name, date, film size, quantity, screen, and length of time in facility where radiation is in use: 4 years after graduation


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