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1.[162] Master summary record, index or listing

a.       Master summary record, such as index registry, of dog, purebred, or kennel licenses granted or license applications:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded or obsolete


b.       Renewal list, non-renewal list, population list, or other listing supplied by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded or obsolete


c.       Enumerator's list of owners or harborers of dogs, prepared by local government offices, including billing for enumerator's services and related records:
RETENTION:        6 years

*2.[163] Copy of original or renewal license for dog, purebred license (including application and renewal license), or dealer's exemption certificate:
RETENTION:        3 years after expiration

Affidavit for spayed or neutered dog or veterinarian's certificate:
RETENTION:        0 after obsolete


Records relating to replacement of dog tag or purebred ID tag:
RETENTION:        1 year


Records relating to the audit of dog and purebred licenses, tags and validation stickers by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, or to the disposal of licenses or tags:
RETENTION:        3 years

6.[167] Reports

a.       Report on dog or purebred licensing or license sales:
RETENTION:        6 years



b.       Municipal compliance report, sent to New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets on dog identification and control:
RETENTION:        3 years


c.       Notification sent to New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets of dog or purebred license fee established by local government:
RETENTION:        0 after superseding notice is filed, but not less than 6 years


Affidavits and other records required prior to 1980 as part of dog licensing procedure:
RETENTION:        1 year

NOTE:  This does not include affidavit for spayed or neutered dog or assessor's affidavit regarding claim for damages caused by dog.  See item nos. 164 and 170.


Records relating to dangerous dog or other animal, to their seizure, or to cruelty to animals:
RETENTION:        20 years, but not less than 6 years after death of animal (if death is known to have occurred)


Records relating to claim for damages caused by dog or by rabies to domestic animals, including appraisal report, certificate of claim, assessor's report and affidavit, and other records:
RETENTION:        6 years after last entry

10.[171] Animal shelter records

a.       Master summary record (index, log or intake record) covering all animals held by shelter:
RETENTION:        3 years after last entry


b.       Individual animal disposition record, covering redemption, adoption or euthanasia of seized animal:
RETENTION:        3 years


Notice of violation of animal control law or ordinance:
RETENTION:        3 years


Reports of rabies vaccinations, forwarded by clinic, veterinarian or animal shelter to municipality:
RETENTION:        3 years

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