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Operational permit records, including application, copy of permit and correspondence:
RETENTION:        6 years after denial of application or expiration, renewal or revocation of permit


Construction, modification, demolition or retirement records for electric or gas production plant and transmission and distribution system, including but not limited to detailed construction specifications and other supplementary documentation, progress and completion reports, work orders, memoranda, worksheets, records of inspection and work evaluation and correspondence:
RETENTION:        10 years after retirement of plant or system

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Significant records deriving from the construction, retirement or other major changes in municipal power facilities may have long-term value deriving from and relating to the importance of these facilities in the community and should be retained permanently.  Contact SARA for additional advice.

3.[189] Gas and electric utility reports

a.       Station or system power generation report:
RETENTION:        25 years


b.       Station or system inspection report, including operating tests:
RETENTION:        6 years

  c.       Inspection and repair reports on street openings, such as for correcting gas leaks: 
RETENTION:        6 years


  d.       Analysis of gas produced and purchased, including BTU and sulfur content: 
RETENTION:        6 years



e.       Gas measuring records:
RETENTION:        3 years


f.        Gas pressure department reports:                            RETENTION:        3 years


Substation, transformer, pole, tower or generator records, or records of other specific component part of system, including sketches and measurements; and installation, maintenance and discontinuance information:
RETENTION:        6 years after component part replaced or its use discontinued

NOTE:   All records relating to any gas pipeline designed to operate at 125 PSIG or more must be retained as long as that pipeline remains in service, per Section 255.17 (b) of 16NYCRR.


Log book of electric or gas plant or any part of electricity or gas production, transmission and distribution system: 
        6 years after last entry

6.[192] Charts, graphs and related data recording records

a.       Summary chart, graph or equivalent record compiled from records of original entry showing long term trends and developments:      RETENTION:        PERMANENT


b.       Recording chart or other record of original entry, including load curve; and temperature, pressure, specific gravity or water level chart:
RETENTION:        3 years

  c.       Gas measuring records, when information is transferred to summary record: 
RETENTION:        6 months
  d.       Gas measuring records, when information is not transferred to summary record: 
RETENTION:        1 year



e.       River flow data collected in connection with hydro-electric plant operation:


Municipal lighting records, including but not limited to installation, repair, inspection and replacement records for street lights and other lighting devices:
RETENTION:        6 years after device no longer in use


Subsidiary ledgers or journals of electric or gas utility:

RETENTION:        50 years



Service interruption records, including but not limited to storm damage, downed and severed power lines, circuit overloading or other related power failure or transmission problem, or apparatus failure reports for gas utility:
RETENTION:        6 years


Board of Fire Underwriters' certificate:
RETENTION:        3 years


Records of electric or gas meter tests:
RETENTION:        2 years after subsequent test conducted, but not longer than 6 years


Electric or gas meter history records:
RETENTION:        0 after meter no longer in use

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