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Energy consumption monitoring records showing use of electricity or fuel or operation of heating and/or cooling equipment, or energy audit, when not relating to facility owned or operated by local government: 
RETENTION:        1 year

NOTE: Energy consumption monitoring records showing use of electricity or fuel, operation of heating and/or cooling equipment, or environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, air quality) in various parts of publicly owned or operated building or other facility, is covered by item no. 898 in the Public Property and Equipment section.


Weatherization client case files, covering assistance provided to individuals and families to improve heating efficiency and reduce fuel expenditures, including but not limited to application, income documentation, description of property and work needed to improve heating efficiency, results of energy efficiency testing, description of work performed, copies of fuel bills, fuel information form, landlord agreement, notes and correspondence:
RETENTION:        6 years after date of last entry


Master listing of clients participating in weatherization program: 
        6 years


Annual State plan (final copy) for weatherization assistance program:
RETENTION:        6 years


Status report on clients referred to local subgrantee agency: 
        1 year


Interagency referral form, maintained by referring agency: 
        1 year

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