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Incorporation, chartering and registration records:


Accession records:
RETENTION:        1 year after accessioning procedure becomes obsolete

NOTE:  Some libraries accession manuscripts, rare books and special collections, but not their general library holdings.  In these cases, the accession records need to be retained only for the kinds of materials still accessioned.


Directory of public library system and member libraries, prepared by public library system (member library's copy):
RETENTION:        0 after superseded or obsolete


Borrowing or loaning records, including interlibrary loan:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed

*5.[308] Catalog of holdings

a.       Manuscript or published catalog:


b.       Continuously updated catalog:
RETENTION:        0 after superseded or obsolete


Individual title purchase requisition which has been filled or found to be unfillable:
RETENTION:        1 year


Records documenting selection of books and other library materials:
RETENTION:        0 after no longer needed


Library material censorship and complaint records, including evaluations by staff, patrons' complaints and record of final decision:
RETENTION:        6 years after last entry

NOTE:  Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Some library censorship records deal with serious constitutional issues and may have value for future research. 


Patron's registration for use of rare, valuable or restricted non-circulating materials:
RETENTION:        6 years

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