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*1.[320] Ombudsman/referral service records covering citizen complaint services, landlord/tenant advisory services, job placement consultation, handicapped person's assistance, and related services, including but not limited to log or master index, copies of complaints, intakes and referrals, and individual case file materials

a.       Relating to other than routine services or activities:
RETENTION:        6 years after final disposition of matter


b.       Relating to routine services or activities:
RETENTION:        1 year after final disposition of matter


Reapportionment or establishment plan for legislative body, including background materials:


Certificate of population, received from federal Bureau of the Census, filed with county or municipality after each census enumeration:


Official record of street name and/or street address changes:


Military service and militia assessment records:

6.[325] School district records, created prior to consolidation of school districts into centralized districts

a.       Basic records documenting the municipality's role in supporting and maintaining the district, including but not limited to school district trustees' minutes; school commissioners' reports; school district "record books"; records of district formation, alteration or consolidation; teacher hiring and salary records; school fund and other accounting ledgers; attendance records; school censuses; district tax rolls or lists; school library reports and book lists; certificates of apportionment; and annual and special reports:


b.       Supporting fiscal and administrative documentation, including but not limited to receipts, warrants and orders to pay, canceled checks, bank statements, and routine correspondence:
RETENTION:        6 years


District reference file, covering school, (special) improvement, and fire districts


a.       Records documenting the establishment, extension, alteration, consolidation or dissolution of district, including but not limited to petition, records of public hearing, correspondence with New York State agencies, maps, surveys, special reports and studies, and photographs:


b.       Background materials and supporting documentation, including but not limited to periodic reports, routine correspondence, memoranda and copies of district budgets:
RETENTION:        6 years


Public utility gross income tax return, filed with city or village receiving tax payment from utility:
RETENTION:        6 years


Noise level monitoring records, including but not limited to summary records, showing long-term trends and developments and original entry and intermediary records, including charts, graphs and statistics:
RETENTION:        6 years

NOTE:  Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Records with historical value should be retained permanently.  Local governments should consider permanent retention of summary records, showing long-term trends and developments, in cases where noise levels are a matter of public concern.  Contact SARA for additional advice in this area.

10.[330] Chattel mortgages and conditional sales

a.       Index volume or other master listing of chattel mortgages and/or conditional sales:


b.       Chattel mortgage or conditional sale contract and satisfaction:
RETENTION:        0


Out-of-state or other unofficial marriage or birth records, filed with clerk for informational purposes:
RETENTION:        0


Surplus food distribution records, covering federally donated food and related commodities, including but not limited to inventory, order form, eligibility determination records, authorizing receipt and reports on storage and distribution:
RETENTION:        4 years

13.[333] Lower income housing rental assistance records (created under Section 8 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974)

a.       Master summary record (index, log or register) of applications and payments:


b.       Case file, including but not limited to applications for assistance, eligibility determination records, certifications, worksheets, correspondence and rental agreements:
RETENTION:        6 years after denial of application, termination of agreement or close of case


Governmental establishment and reorganization records, covering establishment, incorporation, annexation, consolidation, dissolution or charter revision, for political subdivision, including but not limited to petitions, special studies and surveys, correspondence with State agencies, records of voter action and reports:


Census records of all regular and special local, New York State and Federal censuses:


Historic preservation records, including but not limited to background files relating to proposed historic preservation legislation, historic district and/or structure designation, records and case files for proposed external modifications to structures with historic designations:


Financial or political interest disclosure records, filed by vendor/contractor doing business with the municipality:
RETENTION:        6 years

*18.[338] Minority- and women-owned business files, covering minority- and women-owned businesses doing business with or in the jurisdiction of a local government

a.       Summary record listing businesses, eligibility criteria and official government policy statement:


b.       Detailed application/questionnaire/response completed by business:
RETENTION:        5 years after date of most recent entry in record

NOTE:  Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  If the local government uses its own rather than statewide criteria for approving these businesses, then these records may document minority- and women-owned business operating in the community.


c.         Directory of state-approved minority- and women-owned businesses, supplied by State Department of Economic Development:
RETENTION:                        0 after superseded


d.         Other records, including job quotes, bid lists, referrals, credit and character references and affidavits, but not including summary record, detailed application/questionnaire/response, eligibility criteria and official government policy statement, and state-supplied directory of businesses: 
                        6 years after contract expiration



Record of gifts and bequests to a local government, including copy of will, copies of deeds, maps and surveys (if applicable) and records of establishment of and use of monies generated by trust fund or endowment

NOTE:  This does not apply to donations of real property, which are covered by item no. 475 in the Public Property and Equipment section.


a.         When trust fund or endowment is involved:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


b.         For gift of work of art, historical or other artifact or historical manuscript:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


c.         For gift or bequest not covered under parts a or b, or by note above:
RETENTION:                        6 years


List of community college students residing in municipality:
ETENTION:                        0 after superseded or obsolete

*21.[735] Certificate of residency issued to person enrolling in a community college, and related records

a.         Copy, and related records, retained by municipality which completes certificate:
RETENTION:                        6 years


b.         Informational records received from county clerk:
RETENTION:                        0 after no longer needed

22.[342] Local law or ordinance violation recordsnot related to zoning ordinance violation

a.         For alleged but unfounded violation:
RETENTION:                        1 year


b.         Violation files:
RETENTION:                        6 years after date of last entry in record



c.         Master summary record of violations:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


Community service records, showing time worked and type of tasks performed by person sentenced by court to community service:
RETENTION:                 6 years, or 3 years after individual attains age 18, whichever is longer


Annual financial disclosure statements, filed by local political party official or candidate for local elected office, pursuant to Section 812.1 (a), General Municipal Law:
RETENTION:                        7 years


Power generating facility licensing records, covering all records submitted to municipality as part of nuclear power, hydropower, cogeneration or other power facility licensing or relicensing process, including but not limited to maps and plans, construction specifications, reports and studies, copies of applications, copies of court transcripts and environmental data collected as part of application process


a.         Copies held by municipality where facility (or proposed facility) is located:                         RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


b.         Copies held by other municipalities in the area, supplied by applicant for informational purposes:
RETENTION:                        0 after no longer needed


Miscellaneous records, received by local government agency in the course of official business:
RETENTION:                        0 after no longer needed

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition.  Records which document the history of the community and its citizens may have continuing value for historical or other research and should be retained permanently.  These records may contain valuable information which supplements records created by the local government itself.  Records not retained permanently may be offered to a local historical records repository.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice.

NOTE:  Upon the receipt of these non-public manuscript records by a local government agency in the course of official business, these records all become "local government records" subject to this Schedule.  Published materials received by a local government are not considered to be public records.

*27.[740] Assumed business name certificates (D.B.A.-Doing Business As) and related materials

a.         Assumed business name certificate:
RETENTION:                        6 years after discontinuance filed


b.         Assumed business name certificate index:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


Register of professions, including nurses, midwives, doctors and other professionals:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


Notary public and Commissioner of deeds appointment records, including but not limited to commission, certificate of official character, certificate of appointment and oath:
RETENTION:                        6 years after authorization expires or is withdrawn


Domestic partnership statement, notice of termination, and related records, filed with municipality or county:
RETENTION:                        PERMANENT


Photographs or other visual media records, created by a local government, which are not part of a record series listed elsewhere in this Schedule:
RETENTION:                        0 after no longer needed

NOTE: Appraise these records for historical significance prior to disposition. Some photographs and other visual media records may have continuing value for historical or other research and should be retained permanently.  Contact the State Archives for additional advice.


Child abuse or maltreatment reports and related records, reporting agency copy:
RETENTION:                        3 years

NOTE:  This item covers copies of child abuse and maltreatment reports and related records retained by agencies reporting suspected abuse and maltreatment to the State Central Register or to child protective services units of county social services departments.  Reporting agencies may be in such areas as education, youth services and recreation.  Reporting copies maintained by law enforcement agencies are covered by item no. 536 in the Public Safety section, Law Enforcement: Miscellaneous subsection.


Lobbying activity records, including but not limited to registration records, individual reporter designation records, and periodic reports of lobbying activity filed with New York Temporary State Commission on Lobbying:
RETENTION:                        3 years

**34.[892] Project review records, covering projects requiring approval by the Adirondack Park Agency, Lake George Commission, or other government entity or agency, where local government receives records for comment or review, or for informational purposes

a.         When permit or other approval must be granted by local government involved:
RETENTION:                 Retain as long as related building, land use, planning, zoning, or environmental permit or approval records covered elsewhere in this schedule.


b.         When no permit or approval by local government is needed, and records are received for comment or informational purposes only:
RETENTION:                        3 years after date of most recent entry

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