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SUNY Cortland: Using OnBase to Manage College Admissions and other Department Files

SUNY Cortland receives approximately 14,000 enrollment applications every year. The Admissions office had to devise a solution for managing these applications and integrating electronic text files containing application data with supporting documents such as supplemental applications, essays, and letters of recommendation. Using Hyland Software’s OnBase product, SUNY Cortland has created electronic admissions files that can be routed through the approval process and then used as the basis for a permanent student file in the Registrar’s office. As a result, there is more efficient retrieval of student record information, more efficient workflow, automatic purging of documents that have met their retention requirements, and a significant reduction in the amount of paper generated, labor required, and storage space needed. The success of the OnBase system, first the Admissions office and then the Registrar’s office, has sparked other departments throughout the campus to also implement it.

Jim Durr, State University of New York at Cortland