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Keynote Address - Electronic Document Management: It's Not as Easy as You Think

When confronted with unwieldy paper records, often the thought of reducing the volume of paper leads to someone saying “Let’s get an imaging system and scan the paper.” While providing some benefits, often these projects go through a series of bumps getting started, never fully take advantage of the capabilities offered, and ultimately fail to meet the expectations as originally conceived.  Avoid the common missteps and set the proper expectations for the decision makers as well as the end users of any electronic document management system you are considering. With the technology landscape, industry standards, and buzzwords constantly changing, this video provides insight into the different types of systems and how they can best be utilized. This session will present a realistic and unbiased approach to EDMS implementations covering topics such as:

  • When to consider a system and how to justify one
  • Understanding the primary components and features to consider
  • Defining requirements, system procurement, and the implementation process
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Expectations and lessons learned

This video will benefit those new to the concept of Electronic Document Management Systems as well as those that have been struggling with implementing or supporting an existing system.

Steve Goodfellow, Access Systems Consulting