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Health Care

The story of health care in New York is a critical part of our history. Organizations, groups, and families tell unique and compelling stories about people, families, communities and organizations involved - now and in the past - in physical and mental health concerns.

Many state agencies have focused upon the physical and mental health of New Yorkers. The Governor's Office, the Legislature, and many executive department agencies have created records relating to the provision, oversight, and regulation of physical and mental health care in New York.

You can begin your search for health care records by searching Excelsior, the online catalog of the New York State Archives and State Library, or by searching the the Historic Documents Inventory, the statewide section of Excelsior.

Mental Health in New York

Many New York State colleges, universities, health care facilities, and non-government organizations hold and provide access to records on health care topics.

The State Archives has worked with people and organizations active in mental health issues and services to identify the issues, people, organizations, and events relating to mental health that are most critical to document in New York State. Through the New York State Mental Health Documentation Project we have produced: