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What you will find here

Information includes more than 360,000 men who served in New York State Volunteer and the United States Sharpshooter units and the state's three regiments of United States Colored Troops during the Civil War.

What you will not find here

The index does not contain names of men who served in the United States Army (regulars), United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, Veteran Reserve Corps, or New York State Militia (National Guard) units that were temporarily mustered into federal service during the Civil War.

Index Features

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  • Individual soldiers
  • Names of all soldiers who served in a particular unit

Information on:

  • Name of the soldier
  • Unit in which he served during the war
  • Microfilm reel number in which the microfilmed version of his service record appears.

Note: This index is a work in progress. If you identify a potential misspelling of a name or an incorrect unit designation, let us know by contacting the State Archives at New York State Archives staff will correct information in the database that was incorrectly transcribed, but will not alter data that appears in the original sources used to compile the index, even if that data is incorrect or incomplete.

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