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People, Groups, & Cultures

The State Archives aims to improve the coverage and content of New York's documentary heritage and make it accessible to all. We want to make sure that all the diverse communities, peoples, and events in New York history are fully documented and that documentary evidence is easily accessible for research and learning.

Records in the State Archives document functions and activities of State government and individual and community interaction with the State.

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  1. Alien Depositions

You can continue your search on communities using Excelsior, the online catalog of the New York State Archives and State Library, or the Historic Documents Inventory, the statewide section of Excelsior.

Statewide Latino/Hispanic History

The State Archives has worked with people from many sectors of the community concerned with Latino affairs in New York—the people who create, care for, use, and are the subjects of historical records—to identify the issues, people, organizations, and events that are most critical to document. Through the Latino Heritage Documentation Project we have produced: