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Electronic Records

Electronic Records Disaster Planning and Recovery Webinar

This webinar focuses on electronic records disasters. Electronic records are susceptible to damage from water from floods and fires, heat from fires, power surges, computer viruses, and accidental or intentional destruction of data. Participants will learn how to mitigate these risks and respond to these disasters.
This webinar will explain how to:
  • Assess your organization's risk of experiencing an electronic records disaster
  • Reduce the chances that a disaster will damage your electronic records

Managing Social Media Records (Winter Webinar Series 2020)

Many state and local government entities in New York State engage the public through social media, but few of those properly manage the records created on social media platforms. This webinar will demonstrate how social media content can be a government record and provide guidance on using social media effectively. A major focus of the webinar will be how to capture and preserve social media records to ensure the retention of the records for the full extent of their retention periods.

Inventorying Your Electronic Records (Winter Webinar Series 2020)

Managing electronic records is one of our most timely challenges. It’s increasingly important for records managers to know their electronic records and develop plans to manage them. An effective way to begin this process is to conduct an electronic records inventory. This webinar will discuss how to identify key e-records systems, collect meaningful data, analyze the results, and develop an e-records management plan.

Introduction to Electronic Records Management (Winter Webinar Series 2020)

This webinar will introduce the basic principles of electronic records management. One of the biggest challenges facing records and office managers is the complexity of issues surrounding the management of electronic records. The manager’s goal should be to determine the most efficient way to manage electronic records so that access for their entire retention period is ensured.
This webinar focuses on how to:
  • Manage electronic record keeping systems of varied sizes and types
  • File and maintain access to electronic records

Managing Born Digital Records

Today, most records are born digital, but many are still printed to paper, often unnecessarily. This workshop will explore strategies to manage these records digitally throughout their lifecycle and make the printer obsolete. This workshop will discuss the challenges of managing born digital records and give participants practical solutions to the problems of managing born digital records including access, retention, disposition, and preservation of these valuable records.

Introduction to Information Technology for Records Managers: A Webinar

With more and more records generated (created and received) electronically, today’s RMO needs to understand more about information technology. What is it? What does it encompass? How is it used? It can be challenging to know where to start. 
This webinar is an introduction for records managers to the basic concepts, tools, and technologies that they will encounter in their jobs and will provide them with a solid base of knowledge to move forward with.

Electronic Records Bootcamp

This workshop will immerse participants into the world of electronic records by introducing them to an array of electronic record’s concepts and topics. Some of the topics discussed include email management, legal issues surrounding management of electronic records in all their forms, imaging and document management systems, cloud computing, viewing social media as records, securing a seat at your IT steering committee, electronic records preservation, and much more. 

Preservation Formats for Electronic Records: A Webinar

Preservation of electronic records is at the very heart of 21st-century records management. Retaining the functionality of these records and access to the information they contain over time is a daunting challenge. Understanding format options for the electronic records our governments create is critical to successful use and preservation of these digital assets. This webinar will review the latest preservation formats for records from PDFs to video recordings, digital photographs to databases. We will also explore a bit of preservation theory and practical strategies to get you started.