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Inventory & Inactive Records

What about that Room? Maintaining an Inactive Records Storage Area Webinar

Moving records from active offices to inactive storage and their regular disposition is essential to maintaining an inactive records storage area or facility. This webinar will discuss some of the basics and provide some helpful solutions to the different challenges inactive records present. It does not matter if you work with records stored in a small vault with a few shelves or a humungous warehouse, there will be some of the same fundamental information you need to maintain a well-run inactive records facility.

Inventorying Your Electronic Records (Winter Webinar Series 2020)

Managing electronic records is one of our most timely challenges. It’s increasingly important for records managers to know their electronic records and develop plans to manage them. An effective way to begin this process is to conduct an electronic records inventory. This webinar will discuss how to identify key e-records systems, collect meaningful data, analyze the results, and develop an e-records management plan.

How to Process and Purge Inactive Records: A Webinar

“Process and purge" - magical words for those who love records management! But what about the rest of us? Faced with mountains of boxed records, how does one process these for efficient storage and access? And how does one appropriately separate obsolete records that may be purged from those that must still be retained? This webinar will walk you through this journey from start to finish sharing 25 years of processing and purging tips and tricks along the way.

Managing Case Files: A Webinar

Case files come in many different forms: legal files, personnel folders, student records, real-property files, among others. They also have many similarities: they are difficult to manage, they contain a variety of materials, many of them are confidential, and handling their disposition is often complicated. This webinar is intended for anyone who is responsible for managing case files and interested in improving the management of those records.
This presentation will:

Maintaining an Inactive Records Storage Area Webinar

Managing the annual flow of records from active offices to inactive storage and their regular disposition is the foundational principle of records management. This is the pivotal key to maintaining an inactive records storage area or facility. In the end, having this process down will determine the quality and efficiency of your entire records program. If managed well, this one thing will make you look like a records superstar, otherwise – not so much.

Foundations of Inactive Records Management Webinar

Without some system to manage inactive records, you are not dealing with a core issue of records management. When we speak of an inactive records system, we are envisioning a life cycle—an annual process of transferring less active records from office filing equipment to an inactive records storage site, disposing of obsolete records, and providing appropriate storage conditions so that records can be preserved. In addition to this cycle, one must be able to find inactive records in a timely and efficient manner.

Using the State Records Center

The New York State Records Center (SRC), operated by the New York State Archives, provides efficient, low-cost, inactive records storage and retrieval for New York State agencies. This workshop is intended to provide agencies with further information on how the SRC operates and how they may utilize its services.

This workshop will: