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Digital Imaging and Electronic Document Management for Grant Writers: A Webinar

Jumping into digital imaging and an electronic document management system is kind of like going to a buffet. If you are thoughtful and selective in your choices, you can emerge from the experience without too much discomfort. This presentation will lay out the key information you will need to plan for or implement an imaging program in your government. We will consider why we scan records and which records lend themselves to digitization and identify those you would never scan. We will investigate preparation of documents for digitizing, in-house scanning versus use of vendors, estimating costs, preparing an RFQ and reviewing quotes. We will also review desired technical specifications and quality control procedures. The use of document management software will be examined, because who wants thousands of digital images and no way to manage, search, view or share them? If you are considering scanning, electronic document management, writing a grant for such, or are a part of a collective who will be doing any of these activities, this will be a very instructive presentation.
Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Historical Records Repositories, Local Governments

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