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Managing Oversized Maps and Drawings Webinar

Managing oversized maps and architectural drawings is one of those challenges we wish would just go away. They are bulky, disorganized, unruly, and generally hard to get our heads around. And, depending on the size and nature of your government, they can be a monstrously large records series! State and federal regulations require you to have some of these accessible at all times to respond to disasters and emergencies. To complicate things, their retention periods often do not expire until the end of civilization. Time to retire you ask – maybe not.

There are tried and true methods for dealing with oversized documents. In this one-hour webinar we will share these methodologies and outline a number of ways you can purge, organize, access and store these jumbo-sized records. We will also talk about how modern technology is allowing us to scan these documents and take their electronic images into the field via hand-held devices rather than removing original paper records from storage. 

This webinar will be fantastic for all individuals who create, manage or use oversized maps or architectural drawings.

Workshop Type: Webinar
Intended Audience: Local Governments, State Agencies

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