New York State Archives Record Series Cited

Below is a listing of records cited in the descriptions above. This guide is meant for quick reference. The researcher should carefully read the brief descriptions of record series in this leaflet. Fuller descriptions are available in the Archives' finding aids.

Secretary of State's Office

A0453 Record of Deeds (Miscellaneous Records, 1652-1884 (43 vols.)

12943 Letters Patent, 1664+ (apx. 40 c.f.)

A1869 Alien Depositions of Intent to Become U.S. Citizens, 1825-1913 (92 vols.)

A1870 Abstracts of Alien Depositions, 1825-1913 (33 vols.)

A1898 Index to Alien Depositions (3 vols.)

B0078 Supreme Court (First Judicial District) Record of Naturalizations, 1896-1906 (11 vols.)

B0079 Registers of Kings County Clerk of Naturalizations, 1897-1900 (3 vols.)

B0080 Report of the Erie County Clerk of Naturalizations, 1896 (1 vol.)

B0070 Annual Reports of Name Changes of Corporations and Individuals, 1899-1940 (1 c.f.)

Supreme Court of Judicature

J5011 Naturalization Papers (Albany), 1799-1812 (.2 c.f.)

J9013 Naturalization Papers (Utica), 1822, 1838-39 (.2 c.f.)

Court of Chancery

J1061 Naturalization Papers (5th, 6th, and 8th Circuits), ca. 1830-47 (1 c.f.)