Mail and Messenger Services

Mail and messenger services include use of interagency mail, private vendors, or the U. S. Postal Service for mail, message, and parcel pickup and delivery.  Most agencies operate central mail and messenger services.

Records Not Covered:  Records of the Office of General Services, mail, interagency messenger and courier services are not covered by this general schedule.

*90321  Mail Pickup and Delivery Records 
Mail logs, copies of certified or registered mail receipt forms, signed pickup and delivery receipts, delivery and pickup route logs and related records that document that mail and messages were picked up and delivered.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy 1 year after creation.

Justification:  These records may be required as evidence in case of Article 78, Civil Practice Law and Rules suits alleging that an agency did not respond in a timely manner to inquiries or requests for service by the public.

Records Not Covered:  Any record specifically required as evidence of the execution of a contract or compliance with statute or regulation should be scheduled as part of the applicable record series.

90322  Mail and Messenger Service Distribution and Routing Plans, Schedules, and Lists 
Service delivery and pickup routes, schedules, and distribution lists used to administer agency mail and messenger services, including route diagrams, mail and messenger service staff assignments, route schedules, and copies of distribution lists.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when routes, assignments or services are modified or discontinued.

Justification:  Records have no value once they are superseded.

90323  Mailing Address Lists 
Printed and automated mailing lists used to send bulk mailings or to mail materials to subscribers or regular recipients.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy after lists are updated or withdrawn.

Justification:  Mailing lists have no value after they are updated.

90324  Mail Services Subject Files 
Records used to support administration of agency mail and messenger services, arranged by subject, including correspondence, memoranda, reports, vendor materials, rate schedules, and copies of policies and procedures pertaining to mail and messenger services.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when obsolete or superseded.

Justification:  These records have no legal or fiscal value.