Records Management

Records management includes activities undertaken by agencies to improve the management of records and to comply with provisions of Section 57.05 of the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law and 8 NYCRR Part 188.

Records Not Covered:  Records maintained by the State Archives of the State Education Department, the Office of the Attorney General, or the Office of the State Comptroller which document their role as control or oversight agencies for state agency records management.

*90344  Records Inventory Files 
Descriptive inventories of agency records indicating the titles, contents, locations, volume, inclusive dates, and other attributes of those records.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when superseded by a new or updated inventory.

Justification:  Agencies are required to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all records (8 NYCRR 188.6).

*90345  Records Disposition Authorization Files 
Approved Records Disposition Authorizations (RDAs), correspondence and memoranda, copies of laws, regulations, and related retention requirements used to establish legally approved retention schedules for agency records.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy after the RDA is cancelled or superseded.

Justification:  Agencies must retain RDAs to document compliance with State records management laws and regulations.

Records Not Covered:  Copies of RDAs maintained by the State Archives as the central oversight agency for records management.

90346  Records Storage Files 
Records used to transfer and retrieve records to and from inactive storage, and to maintain control over them while in storage.  These records may include State Records Center or commercial records center transfer lists, internal agency storage requests, records shelf lists, and charge-out slips or logs.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy 3 years after records have been removed from storage or returned following retrieval.

Justification:  Agencies may need to use these records to track missing files, and to provide information or evidence of their unavailability during audits or litigation.

90347  Records Disposal Files 
Records documenting authorized destruction of records or transfer to State Archives for permanent retention.  These include destruction request and approval forms, State Archives memoranda of transfer, and related correspondence.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy 3 years after final disposition of records.

Justification:  These records should be retained to document the legal disposition of records in case of discovery actions during litigation or when requested for use in audits.

90348  Records Management Program Subject Files 
Records used to support administration of an agency records management program, arranged by subject, including management plans, surveys, reports, correspondence with program units and the State Archives, articles, training materials, information booklets and brochures, program announcements, directions, internal policies and procedures, and related records.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:  Destroy when obsolete or superseded.

Justification:  These records have no legal or fiscal value.