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Selected New Accessions, February 2020

Agency Title Accession Quantity
Office for the Aging Annual Reports, 2013-2014 B2757-20 0.1 cubic feet
Office for the Aging Volunteer Recognition Books, 2010, 2014-2019 B2758-20 0.25 cubic feet
Office for the Aging Budget Request Files, 2013-2020 B2759-20 0.5 cubic feet
Department of State. Cemeteries Division Cemetery Board Meeting Files, 1990-2000 B2761-20 10 cubic feet
Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Office of Counsel General Files, 2006-2009 B2765-20 22 cubic feet
Office for the Aging. Director's Office Governor’s/Whitehouse Conference on Aging files, 1981-2006 22351-20 10 cubic feet
Department of Health. Center for Environmental Health Love Canal Records, 1988-2013 B2569-20 7 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife Wildlife Management Reports, 1952-1990 (bulk 1970-1987) B2669-19A 5 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Publications, 1928-2006 (bulk 1970-2000) B2705-19A 3.75 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife State Wildlife Pathologist Correspondence and Subject Files, 1931-2009 B2752-19 9 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife Bear Management Program Subject and Correspondence Files, 1950-2003 B2754-20 28 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife Wildlife Management and Pathology Audiovisual Records, 1983-2005 (bulk 1990-2000) B2755-20 8.2 cubic feet
Joint Commission on Public Ethics Archived Websites, 2020 B2043-20 1 website
Adirondack Park Agency  Archived Websites, 2020 B2045-20 1 website
Alcoholic Beverage Control Division Archived Websites, 2020 B2048-20 1 website
Department of Civil Service Archived Websites, 2020 B2064-20 1 website
Commission on Judicial Conduct Archived Websites, 2020 B2068-20 1 website
Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs  Archived Websites, 2020 B2073-20 1 website
Department of Audit and Control Archived Websites, 2020 B2079-20 3 websites
Division of Criminal Justice Services Archived Websites, 2020 B2080-20 1 website
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council Archived Websites, 2020 B2083-20 1 website
Dormitory Authority of the State of New York Archived Websites, 2020 B2084-20 1 website
State Board of Elections Archived Websites, 2020 B2085-20 1 website
Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority  Archived Websites, 2020 B2091-20 1 website
Financial Control Board Archived Websites, 2020 B2101-20 1 website
Governor’s Office of Employee Relations Archived Websites, 2020 B2106-20 2 websites
Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee Archived Websites, 2020 B2108-20 1 website
State Insurance Fund Archived Websites, 2020 B2122-20 1 website
Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Office of the Inspector General Archived Websites, 2020 B2140-20 1 website
Nassau County Interim Finance Authority Archived Websites, 2020 B2143-20 1 website
Office of the Medicaid Inspector General Archived Websites, 2020 B2150-20 1 website
Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research Archived Websites, 2020 B2151-20 1 website
Department of Taxation and Finance Archived Websites, 2020 B2183-20 1 website
United Nations Development Corporation Archived Websites, 2020 B2193-20 1 website
Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Archived Websites, 2020 B2202-20 3 websites
Tax Appeals Tribunal. Division of Tax Appeals Archived Websites, 2020 B2182-20 1 website
Moreland Commission on Utility Storm Preparation and Response Archived Websites, 2020 B2355-20 1 website
Bridge Authority Archived Websites, 2019 B2054-19 1 website
Council on Children and Families Archived Websites, 2019 B2077-19 2 websites
Career Mobility Office Archived Websites, 2019 B2124-19 1 website
Energy Planning Board Archived Websites, 2019 B2282-19 1 website
Office of Indigent Legal Services Archived Websites, 2019 B2514-19 1 website
Soil and Water Conservation Committee Archived Websites, 2019 B2518-19 1 website