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About Us

The New York State Archives preserves and makes accessible over 250 million records of New York’s State and colonial governments dating from 1630 to the present. We provide records management and archival advisory services to New York State agencies, local governments and non-government repositories. We are passionate about ensuring that the essential documentation of New York is effectively managed and appropriately preserved for today and for the future. 
The State Archives provides leadership across the state through a wide variety of programs:
State Government Records Management: The State Archives supports New York State agencies in managing their records.  The archives is responsible for authorizing retention and disposition of government records, identifying records of enduring value for transfer to the Archives for preservation and operating the State Records Center for low-cost storage of inactive records.


Local Government Records Management: The State Archives provides records retention and disposition schedules for local government records and as well as a comprehensive program of training, technical assistance and grants to support the nearly 4,500 counties, cities, villages, towns, school districts and other local governments across New York.
Preserving New York’s colonial and state government records: With over 250 million records in the collection, the State Archives preserves and makes available a comprehensive record of New York history.  The Archives’ online access tools help researchers locate and explore the entire collection.  An on-line digital collection contains nearly 100,000 items ranging from photographs, to maps, to one-of-a-kind documents as well as the entire collection of 12,000 17th century Dutch manuscripts.  The public research room is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30am to 5pm.
Supporting non-government records repositories: The State Archives provides advice, technical assistance, training and grants to non-government repositories that preserve historical materials.  The Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York (DHPSNY) program offers a program of webinars, needs assessments and hands-on training to help repositories protect and preserve the wide range of materials in their collections.
We also have a variety of internship, student assistant and volunteer opportunities.  To learn more about those programs, visit our internship page.
Whether you are a creator of records, a researcher or a community member who needs assistance with the materials that document your community, our wide range of programs and resources are intended to serve you and the future generations of New Yorkers who rely on us to protect and maintain our documentary heritage.