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Selected New Accessions, January 2019

Agency Title Accession Quantity
Public Transportation Safety Board Accident Investigation Manuals, 1998-2008 B2675-18 1 cubic foot
Office of Lieutenant Governor. Quality Community Interagency Working Group Subject Files, 2001-2006 B2686-19 0.75 cubic feet
Department of Transportation Commissioner’s Correspondence and Subject Files, 1998 10487-19 11 cubic feet
Office of Health Systems Management Survey Reports of Closed Nursing Homes, 2004-2008 13363-19 2 cubic feet
Banking Department Bank Liquidation Case Files, 1993 13858-19 1 cubic foot
Department of Health. Division of Legal Affairs Employee Misconduct and Program Misconduct Files, 1977-1982, 1987, 1989 16407-19 5 cubic feet
Public Transportation Safety Board Accident Investigation Case Files, undated 16442-19 12 cubic feet
Department of Environmental Conservation. Division of Legal Affairs Closed Pollution/Permit Application Hearing Files, undated 16860-19 2 cubic feet
Governor’s Office of Employee Relations. Disciplinary Administration Unit CSEA Disciplinary Case Files, undated 17090-19 4 cubic feet
Deferred Compensation Board Policy Files, 2002-2004 17125-19 14 cubic feet
Department of Health. Bureau of Adjudication Adjudication Case Files, 2006 17373-19 79 cubic feet
Banking Department Inactive Institution Files, 2007-2011 17427-19 2 cubic feet
Public Employment Relations Board. Office of Public Employment Practices and Representation Representation Case Files, 2012 17492-19 4 cubic feet
Division of Housing and Community Renewal Decisions on Variance Petitions, 1998 18954-19 8 cubic feet
Division of Coastal Resources State Consistency Project Review Files, 2013 19600-19 8 cubic feet
Banking Department Examination Reports, 2003-2011 B1638-19A 11 cubic feet
Banking Department. Legal Division Correspondence Files, 1990-1993 B2512-19 7 cubic feet
Energy Research and Development Authority Mandated Reports and Press Releases, 1982-2001 B2666-19 0.25 cubic feet