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Selected New Accessions, July 2019

Agency Title Accession Quantity
Bureau of Wildlife. Habitat Inventory Unit Wildlife Habitat Research Correspondence and Subject Files, 1940-1998, bulk 1970-1998 B2701-19 15 cubic feet
Bureau of Wildlife. Biometrics Unit Biometrics Research Correspondence and Subject Files, 1880-2004, bulk 1960-2000 B2702-19 41 cubic feet
Rome Developmental Center Census and Attendance Records, 1979-1990 B2709-19 0.15 cubic feet (22 microfilm rolls)
Rome Developmental Center Partial Index to Patient Case Files, 1930-1990 B2710-19 0.1 cubic feet (1 microfilm roll)
New York County Clerk's Office. Division of Old Records Card Index to Court of Chancery Enrolled Decrees and Filed Papers, 1701-1899, bulk 1783-1847 JN103-17 4.8 cubic feet
Court of Chancery Enrolled Decrees, 1799-1890, bulk 1799-1847 JN307-17 118.1 cubic feet
Court of Chancery (1st Circuit) Clerk's Minute Books, 1823-1847 JN310-17 1 cubic foot, including 3 volumes and 45 microfilm rolls
Court of Chancery Register’s and Assistant Register’s Minute Books, 1712-1748, 1770-1776, 1785-1847 JN319-17 22.6 cubic feet, including 69 volumes and 28 microfilm rolls
Court of Chancery Register of Chancery and Vice-Chancery Decrees Docketed in New York City, 1843-1852, bulk 1843-1847 JN502-17 0.02 cubic feet (1 microfilm roll)
Division of the Budget  Capital Projects Files, 1965-1982 16521-19 31 cubic feet
Public Employment Relations Board. Office of Public Employment Practices and Representation Improper Practice Charge Case Files, 2011 17493-19A 2 cubic feet
Division of Coastal Resources Federal Consistency Project Review Files, 1999, 2003 19599-19A 2 cubic feet
Rome Development Center Patient Case Files, 1930-1990 B2553-19A

6.3 cubic feet (530 microfilm rolls)

Court of Chancery Enrolled Decrees, 1834-1836 JN307-18 0.1 cubic feet