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The purpose of the Technology Infrastructure Checklist is to gather information about the information technology (IT) resources available on your campus.  Collected data will be used to inform the needs assessment and plan that will guide the direction of your electronic records program.  Understanding and documenting your technology infrastructure will ensure that recommended actions are realistic, supportable, and aligned with campus IT goals and priorities. In some cases, answers to questions on the checklist may not be available from a single source and you will have to compile answers based on responses from several departments.  To gain context for your answers, you may also have to collect documentation, such as annual budgets, network maps, hardware inventories, strategic plans, and organization charts. If the details of any documentation are necessary as reference as you continue your planning process, add these as appendices to the checklist. Leave blank any fields not applicable to your campus.

Technology Infrastructure Checklist

Given the rapid pace of change in computer hardware and software the data collected using the Technology Infrastructure Checklist will become outdated as those changes are implemented.   A single completed Checklist is a snapshot of your Technology infrastructure, captured for developing your Electronic Records Plan.  Consider periodically updating the Technology Infrastructure Checklist (every 3-5 years) to ensure that your preservation plan remains relevant to your computing environment.    

To begin analyzing the data collected with the Electronic Records Inventory and the Technology Infrastructure Checklist compare your results to the Preservation Guidelines for Electronic Records

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