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From the State Archivist, Tom J. Ruller

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in New York.  The colorful leaves, the cool days and, of course, Archives Month!  Yes, each October we celebrate American Archives Month as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate all archival programs and the critical role they play in documenting our society, its people, institutions.  In the case of government archives, we play a unique and essential role in ensuring that the records of government, the people’s records, remain protected, accessible and unmodified to protect our rights, secure our property and provide the critical context to help us understand our communities and our present world.
The coming months will see those beautiful leaves fall to the ground and most of our state will be covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.   Our online programming, including our monthly New York Archives Magazine Speaker Series, our educational webinars and all our other online services will be fully operational and accessible, regardless of the weather outside.   We hope to “see” you soon!
Image.  NYS Archivist Thomas J. Ruller

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