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Minor Remodeling (Code 30)

Briefly describe and provide the cost of each proposed remodeling activity. 

Eligible Expenditures

Any facility where proposed minor remodeling will take place must be in existence before the grant application deadline. Activities eligible for funding under Minor Remodeling include, but are not limited to
  • feasibility studies and facility design
  • renovations to facilities to improve them for records storage, or to prepare them for the installation of eligible equipment (including labor and construction materials)
  • installation of fire detection and suppression systems and water detectors
  • purchase, modification, and installation of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems to control temperature and humidity
  • installation of walls, doors, locks, alarms, and other security systems to secure a records storage facility
  • minor modifications necessary to install microfilming or other project-related equipment 
  • actions required to render the facility safe for occupancy and use by staff

Ineligible Expenditures

  • Purchase or construction of facilities, or additions to existing structures
  • Construction of or repairs to the roof, exterior, or foundation of a building
If one contractor is responsible for multiple activities, the quote from that contractor must provide a breakdown of costs by activity. 
Note: Include a floor plan of any records storage area that is the focus of a remodeling project.